man sitting on the wheelchair assisted by pharmacist

American Consultants/Clinical Pharmacy Services, LLC is the only one in pharmacy practice that is proud to say our most qualified/experienced pharmacists and clinical pharmacists can prescribe some drugs in any pharmacy/location based on state formulary in the nation.

We provide flexible, temporary, to permanent job placement in every aspect of pharmacy practice: Hospitals (in and out-patient pharmacy), community/retail/chain/independent pharmacy, clinics/clinical pharmacy, long-term care, nursing homes/assisted living facilities, specialty/closed pharmacy, home infusion, pharmaceutical industry, managed care (PEM/HMO), nuclear pharmacy, prison pharmacy, medication therapy management (MTM) at homes, disease state management at homes, drug information referral services, telepharmacy (pharmacy services via phone), medication experts testimony in courts, government institutions (Federal and States), and others.


It is our commitment to provide employers with the right professionals for their team. At the same time, we strive to help job seekers find worthwhile career opportunities that allow them to advance in their field. As a reliable provider of healthcare staffing, we follow high standard recruitment practices to meet the needs of our clients.